Guest Comment
“What more can I say than “wow”. It was truly an “uplifting” experience!!! Thank you all for the wonderful care. Until next time.” ~Eileen

Our philosophy to your health

Maison Rue is a wellness & recovery facility, founded as a result of the need to care holistically for post operative surgery patients – all in an atmosphere of specialized care, personal attention and five star luxury. A successful operation not only includes a well informed pre operative patient, a good surgical procedure and an uneventful post operative recovery, but requires the management and reduction of post operative patient morbidity. Maison Rue provides this service comprehensively, not only attending to limiting patient morbidity & physical pain, but plays an imperative part in the mental well-being of the recovering patient.

Our philosophy regarding the recovery of patients is that recovery will occur uneventfully when the patient is in a secure environment, well informed and aware of the road to recovery with total peace of mind. This philosophy has ensured a sense security at all times to our patients.

Why not stay at a hospital?

The hospital is cold and clinical and often has general nurse aids that are not specifically trained in the recovery of a cosmetic surgery patient. Why not recover in your own private suite, with your own private nurse aid, with absolutely everything at your fingertips in five star luxury and at a price more affordable than a hospital? In addition to that, we do everything in our power to keep the facility as an exclusive private place of recovery where the patients can recover peacefully out of the public eye.

At Maison Rue you are simply not a patient but someone in whom we have a vested interest to reduce your morbidity and in so doing ensure a pleasant recovery.

Why not go home for your recovery period?

The most important aspect of recovery is to have good assistance and support, which is something that can often not be provided by a spouse going off to work and amidst the need to take care of the children.

The post operative period is often a stressful period frequently requiring more than the limited resources available at home. The recovery period demands more personalised attention, which is exactly what Maison Rue Wellness & Recovery provides.